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Cow for Sale – Gir Cow


Discover the excellence of Gir cows, renowned for their exceptional qualities in both dairy production and drought work. Our purebred Gir cows, hailing from the Gir forest region of Gujarat, India, are now available for sale. Consider the following features that make Gir cows a prized addition to any dairy farm or agricultural venture.

Additional Information:

  • Vaccinated and well-cared-for, our Gir cows are in excellent health.
  • Pedigree information available upon request.
  • Assistance provided for transportation arrangements.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire top-quality Gir cows for your farming endeavors. Contact us now to arrange a visit and witness the excellence of the Gir breed firsthand.


  • Per Lot Quantity: 1
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  • Breed: GIR Cow

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