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Jersey Cow


Description: Caliber A three-year-old Jersey Cow is offered at Bharananganam, Kottayam, Kerala. The animals are available for Rs. 70000/-. The cow is one month or more pregnant. In its second lactation, the cow is. Every day, it produces twelve liters of milk. Ask today to find out more. Jersey cow, one month along.

Breed Name: Jersey
Price:70000 INR
Age:3 year(s)
Milk Per Day:12 L
Details: A Jersey cow may weigh between 400 and 500 kg (880 and 1,100 lb). The breed’s increased economy of production has been aided by factors such as: -The capacity to carry a higher number of productive milking cows per unit area because of their reduced body weight, which results in less maintenance needs; and -Their superior grazing ability. Their ease of calving and comparatively low incidence of dystocia have made them desirable for crossbreeding with other dairy and even beef breeds in an effort to lessen the number of injuries caused by calving. -High fertility -High protein (3.95%) and butterfat (4.84%), as well as the capacity to flourish on feed that is generated nearby


  • Per Lot Quantity: 1
  • Age(Yrs): 3 Year
  • Select Gender: Female
  • Colour: ---
  • Height(Ft): ---
  • Weight(KGS): ---


  • Breed: Jersey

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  • Transportation: Buyer


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