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  • Seller Name: Khanin Das

Landrace Pig


The Landrace pig is a prominent breed in the swine industry, known for its exceptional reproductive capabilities, lean meat, and adaptability.

Color: Landrace pigs are typically white or light pink in color.

Body: They have a long, lean, and muscular body with a slightly arched back. Their length is one of their most distinguishing features, contributing to a higher yield of bacon and other cuts of meat.

Meat Quality: Landrace pigs are highly valued for their lean meat with minimal fat. Their meat is tender and flavorful, making them a staple in commercial pork production.

Landrace pigs are a cornerstone of the swine industry, known for their productivity, meat quality, and adaptability. Their strong maternal traits and efficient feed conversion make them an ideal choice for both breeding and meat production.


  • Per Lot Quantity: 30
  • Price Per Kg: 260
  • Age(Yrs): 6 Months
  • Select Gender: Male/Female
  • Colour: White & Light Pink
  • Height(Ft): ---
  • Weight(KGS): 100


  • Breed: Landrace
  • Breeding: Purebred

Transportation & Delivery

  • Transportation: Seller


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