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  • Seller Name: Khanin Das

Yorkshire Pig


Yorkshire piglets are young swine from the Yorkshire breed, which is one of the most popular and widely distributed pig breeds in the world.

Color: Yorkshire piglets are usually white or pink in color.

Body: They have a strong, muscular body with a slightly arched back. Their frame is well-proportioned, contributing to efficient growth and meat production.

Meat Quality: Yorkshire pigs are highly valued for their lean meat with good marbling. They have a high feed efficiency, which makes them ideal for commercial pork production.

Yorkshire piglets grow into robust and productive pigs, making them a favorite among farmers and a cornerstone of the swine industry.


  • Per Lot Quantity: 30
  • Price Per Kg: 260
  • Age(Yrs): 6 Months
  • Select Gender: Male/Female
  • Colour: White or Light Pink
  • Height(Ft): ---
  • Weight(KGS): 100


  • Breed: Yorkshire
  • Breeding: Purebred

Transportation & Delivery

  • Transportation: Seller


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